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Introduction of the Department of History


The Department of history is one of the oldest departments in Hubei University. It originated from the special training program of history and geology in Hubei Provincial college of Education in 1942. Up to now, it has trained more than 3000 undergraduates and nearly 200 graduates to the society. Many outstanding graduates have become the leaders at all levels of governments, college or secondary school. A great number of excellent graduates have been the backbone and leaders in the arena of teaching or academic research in colleges, academy, or secondary school.

The department of history consists of  three teaching and research sections that respectively for ancient Chinese history, world history, modern Chinese history and other research institutes  such as Sino-Japan Social Comparison Research Centre, Female Culture Research Centre, Jing-chu Culture Research Centre and Latin American History Research Centre. There are nearly 300 full-time undergraduate and postgraduate students and 22 regular teachers in the department, including 7 professors, 7 associate professors and 19 PhD teachers. 

The department of history has masters degree programs in the subject of ancient Chinese history, literature of history, world history, teaching theory of history curriculum  and subject teaching (history). Among them, ancient Chinese history is a key subject at the university level and world history which is at the faculty level. Over the last 8 years, our teachers has won nine projects from the National Social Sciences Fund , five research projects at the provincial and ministerial level and more than twenty latitudinal scientific research projects. Also,  dozens of academic papers have been published  in the CSSCI journals and five papers in the leading journals, and dozens of academic works and textbooks.

The Department of history has established a wide range of contacts with numerous domestic universities and research institutes and also has held many academic conferences at various levels in recent years. A considerable number of teachers has been to the US, Russia, Germany, Japan, Singapore, Brazil, Poland, Greece and other countries for further study and giving lectures, which contributed to the promotion of Sino-foreign cultural exchanges.


Introduction of teachers in the Department of History

Professor Hao Xiangman,

Male, PhD of History

Main research fields: Japanese history, Japanese culture, Sino-Japanese relationship history, comparative study of Sino-Japanese modernization, Zen Buddhism history, Chinese modern social culture, etc.


Lecturer Liu Ming,

Male, PhD of History

Main research fields: Latin American diplomatic history, Latin American agriculture history, the history of Sino- Latin American relations, the history of polar and maritime policy


Lecturer Wang Jia

Female, PhD of History

Main research fields: Pre -Chin and Chin -Han history, Excavated documents research in Chinese history


Lecturer He Qiang

Male, PhD of History

Main research fields: Economy and customs research in modern China History


Lecturer Zong Liang

Male, PhD of Philosophy

Main research fields: Historiography and historical philology history, History of Ming and Qing dynasties, and East Asian cultural exchanges


Lecturer  He Xuan

Female, PhD of History

Main research fields: Cultural industry research, Modern Chinese cultural history


Lecturer  Song Jiahong

Female, PhD of History

Main research fields: Modern western economy and society history


Lecturer Liu Zhiling

Female, Master of History

Main research fields: Historical geography and local culture history of Hubei


Lecturer Gu Bei

Female, PhD of History

Main research fields: World religious culture, Latin American history, Western Historiography


Associate professor Liu Xiaoqin

Female, PhD of History

Main research fields: History of ancient Rome


Associate professor Tang Wenbo

Male, PhD of History

Main research fields: History of Song Dynasty, Economic history of ancient China


Associate professor Cheng Jing

Female, PhD of History

Main research fields: Brazil and Latin America History, Modern World history , History of International Relations


Associate professor Liu Kui

Male, PhD of History

Main research fields: Modern and Contemporary World History, History of International Relations, History of Cold War


Associate professor Zhang Min

Male, PhD of History

Main research fields: Chinese environmental history, Local culture history of Hubei


Associate professor Zeng Yurong

Male, PhD of History

Main research fields: History of the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms, History of the Song Dynasty, Local history of Hubei


Associate professor Zhou Demei


Main research fields: History of Chinese philology, Confucian classics History, History of exegesis and Literature culture.


Professor Zhang Ning

Male, PhD of History

Main research fields: Chinese Economy history, Chinese Monetary and financial history, Chinese Industrial history


Professor Liu Yanbo

Male, PhD of History

Main research fields: Modern Chinese political history, Subject teaching (history)


Professor Li Yancheng

Male, PhD of History

Main research fields: Modern Chinese social history, Modern Chinese social organization and law Society 


Professor Zhou Dejun


Main research fields: Chinese social history, Chinese urban history, Modern history, Historical sociology


Professor Gao Zhiping

Male, PhD of History

Main research fields: The non-aligned movement, History of contemporary international relations, Modern Sino-foreign relations History

Professor Wu Chengguo

Male, PhD of History

Main research fields: Ancient Chinese History, Ancient Chinese Social and Cultural History, Taoism and Religious Culture, Local History of Jingchu and Hubei, Chinese Ethics History























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